Grand jeu-concours #design :  le #TeeShirtContest !

The bars of the Cannes Night Life group are organizing a great #design contest: the #TeeShirtContest! 


Creative soul?

Design the future tee-shirt for Morrison's Pub, Morrison's Lounge or The Quay's! 

Are you creative, a graphic designer looking for a challenge during the confinement or simply a regular of the pubs of the Cannes Night Life group, and you want to be part of the life of your favorite establishment by leaving your "signature" there? 

How can you take part? 

EVERYTHING (or almost EVERYTHING) IS PERMITTED! The only obligation we ask you to respect is to put the Cannes Night Life logo on the T-shirt, as well as the logo of the bar (Morrison's Pub/Lounge/Quay's) for which you are putting your talent to work. 

No T-shirt without a logo will be accepted, that's it! 


At best, you will be asked to take 2 pictures of the t-shirt (front and back) and to sign it.

Once you've created it, send it to this address: mentioning in the subject line "Tee-shirt contest" and the name of the bar you play for, like for example "Tee-shirt contest Morrison's Lounge". Is it clear?

Your design should preferably be in PDF format but we will take a scanned drawing

You have until the date of reopening of the establishments following the COVID-19 containment to participate so don't wait any longer and when you finish fill in your details and submit your effort! We're not going to lie to you, we know you have nothing better to do right now 😄

For info, the winners will be chosen by a jury of experts 😆, composed of the ad teams, then contacted by email and announced across our Social media outlets. It is expected that 3 participants will win, i.e. 1 per ad (the most clever and creative will be able to increase their chances of winning the jackpot by making 3 proposals, so!) 😉

What's in it for you? 

That's a very good question! A Pub Crawl actually, for you and three mates start at The Quays for an aperitif during « Happy Hour » then off to FRenSH for a bite to eat, after that the choice of drinks at Morrisons Irish Pub or Morrisons Lounge or BOTH. The thing is Drinks and Dinner are ON US🍻


With your pencils, felt-tip pens, graphic tablet or other… Wow us!!

Come on, let's go!

1 - Download logos (right click         save image as)

the quay's logo.png

2 - Download the rules of the game

3 - Fill in the form

Participate in the contest

Thank you for your contribution 😊