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— About us —

Cannes Nightlife is an initative to promote well known establishments in Cannes to Locals and Tourists alike. 



— Our mission ?
The establishments chosen allow the visitors to enjoy a snack, meal, drink, concert or a quiet evening in The City of Cinema from daybreak to late night. 



— A drink in the evening by the Sea? —
The Quays on the Old Port was made for you! 



In the mood for a little daytime snack?  
Barista on Rue Tesseire is open from early morning for Breakfast till Early evening Tea
if the mood suits.



— For a great evening out surrounded —
by French Locals and Ex Pats

Morrisons Irish Pub and Lounge are the most popular bars in Cannes with The Pub having the only dedicated stage for dedicated lovers of Rock 'n Roll! 



A desire to taste the wines of the region? 
or further afield in a relaxed intimate environment 

Le Bar à Vin hidden behind the famous rue d'Antibes is certain to appeal with the largest tasting menu in the region !



8 Rue Teisseire 06400 Cannes
Tel: +33 (0)6 08 16 23 99


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