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10 Rue Teisseire 06400 Cannes
Tel: +33 (0)6 08 16 23 99 

After Midday Everyday

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In 1997 the landscape of nightlife in Cannes changed. Locals finally had a place to go to see live bands and experience a proper night out in a pub. Not much has changed as it is the only true venue for real rock bands in Cannes still today.

Sunday nights ladies night is popular for the incontournable duo of Gabriel and Luca plus the great deal for ladies on the night. 

Tuesday the stage is open for you to try your hand at becoming a star accompanied by
Cedric Gauthier  he can make anyone sound good. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights we have some of the best bands on The Côte D'Azur playing till 2AM. Coupled with a 7 day a week Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm, Morrisons really is the spot for you in Cannes.

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