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8 Rue Teisseire 06400 Cannes
Tel: +33 (0)6 08 16 23 99 After Midday Everyday

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— Between Karaoke & Quizz —

Morrisons Lounge rose from the shadow of Morrisons Pub to become an independent Venue with an ambience complementary but totally different to its Next Door neighbor.


2005 marked the beginning of the metamorphosis that is making The Lounge one of the best Nightspots in Cannes. With a DJ perched in the Pulpit raised above the main floor most nights are great for dancing with like minded people just out for a good time.
Monday Night is reserved for the smarter bears with a fantastic bi-lingual Quiz so the unique situation of Anglophones mixing their knowledge with the Gauls present. 


Wednesday evening is the turn of the Divas and Rockers to take their shot at fame with Karaoke.

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